The file I download from you won't play...
Video Playback Help

Will you sub ___ ?
We are always open to suggestions, we want to satisfy you guys too, but it has to meet these requirements:
 1. Released on Blu-Ray
 2. Quality RAWs/BDMV and subs available or we are willing to buy the BDs
 3. A good show that we can enjoy. If it sucks, we won't do it!
If it fits all three, then talk with us on IRC, or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You could also shoutbox it if you want, but we can't guarantee that it will get to us.

Your translations are horrible!
Wrong, we do not translate our releases, we find quality scripts from other fansubbers and put them on HD RAWs. If you think the translation sucks, then go complain to the original subber. The only translations done by ourselves from scratch are the Openings and Endings, and if you see something wrong in those, then go ahead and leave a comment on the show's page.

Do you encode your own releases?
Mostly. If there is already a really really really good video encode of the show we want to do that fits our standards, why waste hours doing it again ourselves? If we aren't satisfied with the available RAWs, we will encode them ourselves. If a release post says "Original Encode" on the RAW source, it means that we have encoded it ourselves directly from the BD.

Why are some file sizes so small? Doesn't that mean lower quality?
While, generally, it is true that smaller file sizes tend to lead to lower quality. However, that is absolutely not the case with our releases. We choose RAW sources and encode based on a balance of size and quality. Sometimes, extremely small file sizes can actually contain very high quality video. It all depends on the show. Simpler animations don't require high bitrates, thus small file sizes. More complex animations that contain graining and dark scenes will require higher bitrates, thus larger file sizes. On top of that, all our releases are released using 10-bit color encoding (since Fall 2011). This means that we can have even higher compression ratios with better quality than 8-bit alternatives!

720p/1080p please....
This will depend. If a show is in 1080p, we will try our best to also release a 720p version, but no guarantees. If a show only has 720p, that means that it was a horrible upscale, and read below.

Why are some shows only in 720p?
If the source is 720p, then our release is 720p. We will not do any sort of upscaling. If a source is an Original Encode and it’s still only 720p, then that means that BDs were simply horrible. Some studios do fail at releasing quality video even on a Blu-Ray… believe it or not!

STOP...! We don't talk about or approve of that site here. If our releases make it on... great. If not, we don't care. If you want to upload our stuff, have fun (lol...), but please don't ever request us to.

OMG! I see blocks or color banding in your encodes! Your video sucks!
There are two explanations to this. One, and most likely, it was in the original BD. Some BDs are crap, and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. Two, we added a little more compression to save file space. Sometimes to keep file sizes reasonable, we will encode with a higher CRF value, this can sometimes create banding (or even more rare, blockyness). We always check to make sure that if this happens, it's never anything important enough for the majority of people to notice. When the video is in motion, it probably won't be visible at all. We will never release anything that would take away from the viewing experience. If you are a pixel-counter, and encodes must be perfect for you... sorry, we probably won't have anything to offer. We just don't believe 1:1 encodes of a BD in 2-3GB per episode are reasonable. Your eyes won't start bleeding from some barely visible blockyness or banding.

I swear your release is an upscale...
Some BDs are actually upscaled during the BD mastering process. There are still small differences that make it much clearer than the 720p version, since these enhancements are done by pros(well... mostly) who have access to the original content. We sometimes still release these studio upsacles in 1080p, because, regardless of how much people complain, it still looks better than a 720p release. Then again, there also BDs that suck so much we will scale it down to 720p, it all depends. However, if it was upconverted from an SD source, then it can't really look good no matter what they try to do, and we’ll either look over the show completely, or release a 720p version.

Why don't you use FLAC on everything?
We have officially stopped using FLAC as our standard audio codec effective Fall 2011. If you’re asking about a release before that time, then it’s because the source audio was not lossless in the first place.

Ugh... FLAC...
As stated above, we have officially stopped using FLAC. If you are having problems playing FLAC, go to Video Playback Help.

Why AAC?
First, we don’t encode lossy in low birate. We encode at about 280-320Kbps, which is very very high for AAC. Second, if you think you can hear a different between 300Kbps AAC and FLAC, it’s all in your head. This has been scientifically proven over and over. Lastly, AAC bitrate cannot be compared to a MP3 bitrate. A 320Kbps AAC file is about the same quality as a 512Kbps MP3 file, even though MP3 is technically limited to 320Kbps. Plus, we're talking about dialogue here, and maybe some background music with a couple explosions here and there, is there a need for lossless voices? If we were releasing music, we could probably make a different argument here, but the fact is we're not.

Why don't you use ordered chapters? It saves space...
Though ordered chapters are part of the MKV standard, it is not widely supported and we will not use them it until it is. You're downloading HD anime, an extra 50MB per file isn't going to hurt.

Do I have permission to use your subs?
We don't write any translations ourselves except for openings and endings. Even we take translations from other subbers. So, go for it! We can't really stop you anyways >.<

Is there any way to stream your anime?
If you like to stream your anime... you should just leave the site now.

I want DDL!
Our main release medium is BitTorrent. However, we will try to get our releases on DLL servers as much as we can, but that is never guaranteed.

Come to our IRC channel, we have a couple XDCC bots for you to download from.

The torrents are soooooo slow!
Sorry, but maybe you just don't live in an area where are servers can reach you at optimal speeds. We spend money out of our own pocket for servers and hosting to get you the fastest speeds we can, our servers are almost always running completely loaded as well. But you can help too! Simply seed when you are done downloading a torrent, and you can save someone else from the speed that you might have suffered through. If are REALLY dedicated, come join our team as a Distributor!

I really want one of your releases, but the torrent is dead!
Get on IRC and call out one of the staff member's names and we'll gladly seed it for you.

Are you videos DXVA compliant?
We have no idea. We don't check each release to make sure it is DXVA compliant, it may, or it may not be. We won't focus on making DXVA compliant releases because if you are relying on that to play videos smoothly, then you really should get a new computer.

How do I play this on my PS3 or Xbox?
Video Playback Help

I represent <other sub group> and we would love to do a joint project together!
If you're serious, come talk to us in IRC or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you're not serious, don't bother us please.

Your releases are horrible! How can you guys say you have the best HD anime on the internet?
Glad to know your opinion. However, instead of wasting your time complaining, why don't you go download someone else's release? No one is stopping you.

Why do you guys do what you do?
We love anime. We love HD. We love helping out everyone in the anime community. We don't care for respect or anything; we just want to use our free time in doing something beneficial for everyone who shares our interests.

Why is the FAQ sooo long?
Because we hate answering stupid questions. These have all been asked in some form or another, and have been posted here so that we won't have to waste our time to personally answer them each time.

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# flossifer | 2012-09-07 19:19
Font Pack?

In Sora no Woto I occasionally get a white block instead of sub text that says "Typodermic Larabie Fonts". Is there a font pack I could get? (happens in both 720p and 1080p).

Also, the closing lyrics show in the 720p but not the 1080p. I haven't figured out why yet.

The choice of translation was excellent. Much better than pwq -for me at least. I appreciate all versions. Interestingly, pwq -a German group- doesn't translate or sub when the German girl prisoner speaks. It's a bigger world than I sometimes recall. Thanks for everything. I'll manage as things are, so don't go to any trouble.

The quality of the 720p is remarkable given the file size.